Coil Springs
The hot-formed compression steel springs are further treated and processed to achieve an optimal strength and toughness ratio of the material, ensuring high operational stability and durability of shape.
Leaf Springs
The springs are further treated and processed to achieve an optimal strength and toughness ratio of the material, ensuring high operational stability of shape.
Parabolic Springs
The springs are further treated and processed to achieve an optimal strength and toughness ratio of the material, ensuring high operational stability of shape.

Code of ethics for employees in HZP a.s.

We follow ethical principles, we comply with legal regulations

  • Ethical principles and respect for the law are fundamental principles of our behavior and corporate culture.
  • Our company is a trading company established and existing under the laws applicable in the Czech Republic in accordance with European Union law and the international treaties by which the Czech Republic is bound; This right or any other right that governs our relationships is systematically monitored, known, honored and unconditionally and consistently observed.
  • We strive to make our relations with our business partners, public authorities, our employees and the public long-established, stable and based on mutual respect and trust in honest behavior.
  • We act and take our decisions in accordance with the principles of employee collegiality and fair trade, and in accordance with the rights and obligations arising from the law, the decision of the public authorities and the contractual relations we participate in.

We appreciate our employees

  • Respect for human rights is commonplace in our company. We do not encourage nor tolerate any acts of discrimination. We condemn any form of violent, forced or otherwise illegal work.
  • We condemn the abuse of child labor. We only employ people who meet the conditions prescribed under the laws.
  • We do not tolerate any illegal work, even among our trading partners.
  • The standard in our relationships with employees are always the procedures and conditions laid down by legal regulations. This also applies to the conclusion and content of contracts of employment or other contracts and agreements, working hours, granting leave, work breaks, overtime, remuneration, wage deductions or termination of employment relationships.
  • Our employees are properly rewarded for work performance, including payemnts for afternoon, night, weekend, holiday and overtime work. Above the law, we provide our employees with social and other benefits.
  • In relation to our employees, but also in relation to the public authorities, we fulfill all our statutory information obligations.
  • We respect the rights of our employees, including the right to organise themselves and to negotiate collectively. We respect the position of trade unions operating in our business as representatives of our employees and we consider them to be our partners in the social dialogue.
  • We constantly communicate with our employees, including meetings and consultations with top management and other senior staff, as well as informing our employees about surrent issues through central information boards, workplace information boards, information screens, electronic information system.
  • We welcome questions and comments from our employees who can use the "Helpline of the CEO" in our company.
  • Every year, we carry out surveys of satisfaction and motivation of our employees.
  • We evaluate all of our employees regularly at least once a year.
  • We are open to complaints from our employees or other persons; We allow them to file complaints and deal with these complaints responsibly.

We pay close attention to health and safety

  • The safety and health of our employees is a part of all of our activities and has the highest priority. In our company we create the most favorable working conditions. We follow the accident prevention security program; we make sure that every work activity is done in compliance with safe working practices.
  • We developed and systematically evaluate and update the system for identifying and assessing the risks of possible injury at work, including measures to eliminate the risk on injury.
  • We recognize prevention. We constantly educate our employees and train them to work safely and to protect their health.
  • We provide our employees with personal protective equipment according to the list drawn up for each job. Employees at workplaces with increased heat or physical workload are provided with protective drinks.
  • We consistently provide for the assessment of the medical fitness of our employees in the system of medical examinations; we do not allow the performance of work that is inadequate to the health of the employee.
  • If, despite our efforts, an accident occurs, we apply our system including first aid, reporting and investigating injuries or other unfortunate events and taking measures to prevent them from recurring and to compensate for damages.

We appreciate our business partners

  • We approach our business partners as people who are equal to us, we deal with them honestly and transparently, fairly and with respect.
  • We assume that our business partners recognize the same principles as we do; If we are convinced that this is not the case, we respect it unless it is contrary to the law or causes excessive risk or harm.
  • We create value for our business partners. In relation to our products, we apply the principle of continuous improvement, increasing their added value, while reducing the burden on the environment.
  • We choose our suppliers carefully to maintain the quality of our products. We negotiate quality agreements with our suppliers and evaluate the fulfillment of their obligations. We negotiate quality agreements with our suppliers and evaluate the fulfillment of their obligations.
  • We ensure adequate supervision of compliance with labor and technological processes and solutions to possible complaints of our business partners. We evaluate the satisfaction of our business partners.
  • We want our business partner to cooperate with us continuously or to come back to us. The success of our business partner is also our success.The success of our business partners is our success.
  • We support ethical entrepreneurial culture and we fulfill our duties with care, fairly and honesty.
  • We are ready to negotiate an audit at our company with our business partners.

We condemn any manifestations of corruption

  • We have zero tolerance for offering or accepting bribes.
  • We lead our employees strictly to refrain from any corrupt action; no one will, in connection with the performance of work for our business, on our behalf or with reference to our business, require or accept any performance in exchange for providing or promising to provide any benefit or offering or providing such performance.

We respect competition and intellectual property

  • We are supporters of free, honest and fair competition; We do nothing that would disturb such competition.
  • We avoid conflicts of interest and situations that may give rise to suspicion of such a conflict, including the conflict of our interests with the interests of our business; any act of conflict of interest is possible only if the law permits.
  • We respect intellectual property rights, interest in maintaining confidentiality of business secrets and other confidential information, and protect such rights and information to the extent permitted by law, contracts with business partners, consent of data subjects, and business ethics.
  • We protect the personal information of our employees and all other persons whose personal information we have been provided.
  • All of our employees who, in the performance of their duties, come into contact with personal data, information that is subject to business secrets or other confidential information are obliged to maintain confidentiality of such data and information.

We protect the environment

  • Protecting the environment is an essential part of our policy. The standard is at least fulfilling all legal requirements and permits granted by the authorities.
  • In the long term and conceptually, we strive to continually reduce the impact of our activity on the surroundings of our business.
  • To meet the environmental protection principles we have established and implemented waste management system in which we prefer recycling, closed water systems, chemicals handling and energy management system
  • The priority is also the gradual reduction of pollutant emissions into the air.

We are a socially responsible company

  • We support the region and strive to contribute to further improve the quality of life of its inhabitants.

In Prostějov, 1 November, 2016

Ing. Petr Vaněk, MBA, Chairman of the Board
Ing. Radek Páleník, Vice-Chairman of the Board